80% of consumers forget brand content after 3 days

According to an article posted by MarketingTech 2 weeks ago, 80% of consumers forget brand content after 3 days. Dr Carmen Simon conducted research and found that the three main reasons for this is irrelevancy (55%), lack of motivation to remember content (35.7%) and too much content to retain (30%).

What does this mean for digital marketers?

RELEVANCE: Digital marketers need to make use of marketing strategies for increasing the relevance of advertisements. For example, brands advertising on Facebook choose a specific target audience to whom their ad will be directed to. AdEspresso suggest that brands should be as specific as possible when creating a target audience for a Facebook campaign. Clearly defining interests, age, gender etc. will increase RelevanceScore. This is a score on a scale of 1-10 of how relevant an ad is to its target audience. Brands can use this score to then fine tune and improve their Facebook ad relevance.


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MOTIVATION: According to PsychologyToday, the best way to motivate consumers to remember content is to address social identity. For example, using an older celebrity to make a pitch on mortgages. Older people identify with another senior, and are attracted to the fact that they’re famous. This addresses personal identity and encourages consumers to remember the content. PsychologyToday suggest that social identity can be threatened when an ad presents information that is inconsistent or negative.

CONTENT LEVEL: Digital advertisements need to be short and sweet. As I have mentioned in a previous post, YouTube have introduced 6 second ads to address the short attention spans todays consumers.

What else makes you remember an advertisement? 

What is an advertisement that you remember well and easily comes to your mind?


13 thoughts on “80% of consumers forget brand content after 3 days

  1. That is an interesting argument. We do not realise that the time of the influence of the content marketing. However, in my opinion, customer involvement can be one critical point. Customers should have the strong sense of identity when they look at digital marketing strategy. This is similar to your opinion about the relevant. However, in todays’ most strategies, company do not consider this problem in a deep level i think.


  2. One ad that always comes to my mind is the Carlton Draught “it’s a big ad”. I remember this because it was big, exciting, funny and ironic. So I think this is another important factor in making a memorable ad – to make it memorable.


  3. The more relevant an ad is to me, the more likely i’ll remember the meaning of the ad. For instance, when i’ve seen ads relating to golf, footy, or even music I take a keen interest in them. These interest me and are tailored to my consumer segment. The trouble for digital marketers is to master the art of engaging the consumers that aren’t in my consumer segment, that wouldn’t necessarily be interested in these things. Even the Carlton Draught ad comes to mind, because at our age beer is the number one option for young males when they’re having a drink at a pub.


    1. Good point. How do you think digital marketers could engage consumers who aren’t in the consumer segment? Maybe all the other mentioned factors such as shock, humour, excitement etc. is what engages these consumers. For example, I don’t think I, as a young female, would be an important target market for Carlton Draught, yet I still remember that ad quite well.


  4. I always find that ads with songs and jingles always stick with me. For example, Carlton Draughts “big ad” and the Coles’ “down-down” jingle. Even though they are usually really annoying, they do stick in my head and this makes me more familiar with the brand, making me more inclined to try them out even if I am not aware of it.


      1. I think initially it might seem negative because the customer might be thrown off the brand because they associate it as annoying, however their goal to increase its reach and be in the forefront of consumers’ minds is fulfilled, so I think then it comes a good thing. What do you think?


  5. I agree very important to make sure the content is remembered! one i always remember was the cadbury eyebrow ad! was very catchy with the music however wouldnt directly remember what type of chocolate the ad was promoting!


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